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One thing I wonder if you have considered. The engine was a big chunk of alloy, that made a solid connection between the upper mount (that leans on the steering post) and the bottom bracket. You've replaced it with an open collapsible aluminium box. Are you not worried that the bending forces of the rider weight are now taken entirely by the frame top tubes? I'm thinking of what happens on any kind of jump, and what might happen with a front impact that bends the top mounting of the steering tube. Both might cause distortion of the battery enclosure, and hence a fire risk.
I wonder if constructing the battery pack around a central strut linking the mounts might be safer.
Best of luck!

Thanks for the comment! The battery box is made out of steel RHS with with the aluminium sheet all around it. For now it should be more than strong enough, but before getting it road worthy I intend on reinforcing it a bit more just to be safe. It uses the previous engine mounting points, so as long as it's a similar strength to the old engine, it shouldn't be an issue. Part of the process of getting it roadworthy is to get an engineering signoff; so I'll mention it to the engineer and see what they say.

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